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My name is Aaron, I have a 1st (BA hons) in web design. I’m a freelance Web and Digital Designer. I design websites for small to medium size businesses with strong identity ensuring that your target audience are taken on a journey they deserve while reflecting your core message.


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About Web Design

e-commerce, bookings, portfolios, hotels, plumbers, schools you name it, i'll design it!

Web design requires a well structured set of skills. Without these skills you couldn't have custom designed websites to give your business the identity you need.


WordPress is not just a blogging platform. If you know code then you can rip apart the core files or a theme and tailor it to your needs, your audience and your identity.


Html 5 is the skeleton of any website, the core structure. With HTML WordPress + Bootstrap 4 we can truely add any design element on any page and make it dynamic.


CSS 3 is the muscle of your website, it's what gives it style, looks. The power of CSS 3 is truely something powerful. CSS couldn't happen without HTML, the perfect marriage.


Identity is the most powerful componant your business needs, it's what your audience will see and feel. Businesses need to be unique, to tell a story from start to end.


Depending on the size of the project, prices will varie, below is a guide.

For more information on the web services I provide and pricing, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Did I mention 100 free business cards after your project is complete?

Web design projects Ashford Kent

Small Business £400+

Everything you need to get online. Perfect for starting small businesses.

Web Design Web Reflections Ashford Kent

Medium Business £600+

Large amount of pages may include, ecommerce, blogs, membership system.

Web Design Web Reflections Ashford Kent

British Time | British Design

£20 Hourly

Continued web design work or need to hire a web designer.

Complete Skill Set & Accreditation

Bootstrap 4, WordPress, Motion graphics, Photography, HTML, CSS, Responsive design and awesome looking web sites.

I'm always looking at getting better at what I do, don't we all, but as technology changes, so does web design. Remember, web design is still very young.

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