Do I really need a website?

The biggest question that is being asked in 2019, do I really need a website for my business? Without a doubt, but it’s harder to find the right web designer to do the job.

It’s all about identity

Identity comes as a number of things that your audience will feel, see and experience, from colours, animations, call-to-actions, quality images, video, it all has to come together to project the right message for you business or business goals and how you want to present yourself to the intended audience. As there are many tools out there to design your own website it’s becoming somewhat of a car crash as the unskilled or unprofessional just haven’t got what it takes to take in all the elements of design, design principles and SEO in mind to get it right.

Now is the time to get a custom-built website that is designed without limitations and restrictions, cost effective but most importantly tailored to your target audience.

“I have a Facebook page; I don’t need a website”

The problem you have here is that Facebook is just a communication tool, its sole purpose is to make and receive massages! That’s it, nothing more, nothing less!

Could you imagine a row of shops in the high street all in the colour Facebook blue, a logo and a board outside with text written on it? Not very unique looking really, doesn’t show off your true identity, your forced to have one layout, no shapes, no colour, no animations, all the same typeface and no unique interactions that makes your business stand out. This is why your Facebook should never be the shop face of your business.

Your competitors have one

If your competitors have a website then they are already 1 step ahead of you, by default,  your audience will be expecting you to have a website for your business.


Let’s not forget the wonderful world of Google and search engines in general, with a well-structured website Google is your best friend, and that, is when someone with experience in building google friendly websites comes in.

There are many other benefits of having a website like having a blog, blogs are a HUGE way of writing about your business, not only that, but Google search engines will love you to.