Its all about image quality

Oh my, images have got to be the biggest problem within the industry, either people don’t have images or they have them but are taken on a mobile phone with the worse quality and are to small to do anything, so what can we do?

Your own images will show a stronger identity

The best images to have ideally are images of your own business, for example inside the office, or pictures of you working, your surroundings etc. But I do understand, it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

However, free images are available

There are things we can do, get stock images and thank the god there are actually quite a few places that allow you free images for commercial use which is just wonderful! Here is a couple I enjoy using.

Let’s get serious

If you really are serious about your website, put some effort into the images you want to use, find someone who is reasonably good with a camera, borrow a camera. Luckily lots of us have Photoshop and can help save an image or improve it somewhat, but if it’s a bad image, it’s a bad image!