About Web Reflections

Web Reflections was created through passion.

My name is Aaron, I have a 1st (BA hons) in web design. I’m a freelance Web and Digital Designer. I design websites for small to medium size businesses with strong identity ensuring that your target audience are taken on a journey they deserve while reflecting your core message.

I’m located in the wonderful South-East of the UK, the garden of England. A home business dedicated to designing identity for small to medium businesses. I have 5 years experience in designing websites as well as some photography and motion graphics. I have been working and still work for a design agency producing stunning websites for local businesses and some international.

Meet the team

My highly skilled team of professionals.

Aaron Kelly


Director of the buisness, creative director, web designer, developer, motion graphics artist.. well everything really!



The most important part of my team. Fuels the mornings and can be an exceptional converstation starter.



When had long days or lack of creative flow, there is nothing like a cold pint to refresh ones mind. Well earn’t and deserved!



The dog, keeps us on our feet, chasing him around the house when stealing socks or shoes, will also steal your food.